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Library Technology FAQ


Computer Usage - Printing - Wireless - Classes - Fax - Copy/Scan



Do you have downloadable e-books or audiobooks?

Who is allowed to use the computers?

Do I have to pay to use the computers?

How long can I stay on a library computer?

Do you lend laptops?

Can I save a document or install a program to the computer?

Can I burn a CD on a library computer?

Can I print from the computers?

How much does printing cost?

How many public computers do you have?

Which software is on your public computers?

Who can use the wireless access?

Is there a time limit on wireless access?

Can I print wirelessly?

Do you offer computer classes?

Where can I go for computer instruction online?

Can I send a fax from the library?

Can I make color copies at the library?

Does the library have a scanner for public use?

Does the library have a microfilm/microfiche reader?



Computer Usage

All UHLS (Albany and Rensselaer Counties) library cardholders are allowed 2.5 hours of free computer time per day, guaranteed 1 hour at a time.  Patrons may choose to use this time over several sessions in a day.  Non-cardholders are welcome to purchase a guest pass for $1, good for 2.5 hours of computer use within the day.  A photo ID is required to purchase a guest pass.



Printing is available from the library's computers as well as patron-owned laptops.  Printing costs 15¢ per page for single-sided black & white, 25¢ per page for double-sided black & white and 50¢ per page for color. Wireless printing is also available.
For security reasons, no documents or programs can be saved or installed on the computers.  In addition, burning to CD is disabled on library computers.  To save a document, you will need a floppy disk or a flash drive.  Both items are available for purchase at the Circulation desk.
General Computer
Adult Area - 19 public internet computers
Children's Area - 3 public internet computers, 3 non-internet game stations.
12 Laptops (Vista Business OS, Microsoft Office 2010)
All computers run on the Windows XP operating system, and include Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher), Adobe Reader, and Internet Explorer.  Items created in Office 2007 may be accessed, but require saving before conversion.  To save a document, you will need a floppy disk or a flash drive.  Computer access is managed by PC Reservation and printing is managed by LPT:One.  For more information, please see our Computer Help brochure.
Computer classes use laptops with the following software:  Windows Vista Business, Microsoft Office 2010, and Adobe Reader.
Anyone with a wireless device is welcome to use our wireless network, provided they agree to both our Internet Policy and our Wireless Network Access Policy.  There is no time limit for wireless usage, but bandwidth may be restricted during peak hours.  If you are using a PC or (Intel-based) Mac laptop, you can also print to the library's printer.  Click here for more information about printing from your laptop.
We are transitioning from traditional computer classes to our new appointment-based Book-a-Librarian service.  If you would like to teach yourself a new tech skill or concept, we have compiled class notes and tutorial sites for self-paced learning here.  If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us.
The library has a self-service public fax machine in the Business Center, located behind the reference desk.  The machine accepts credit/debit cards only (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover).  Domestic fax rates (USA/Canada/Caribbean) are $1.50 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.  International fax rates are $4.95 for the first page and $3.45 for each additional page.  Incoming faxes are not accepted.
The public copier is in the Business Center, located behind the reference desk.  This machine accepts cash and $1 bills for copies only.  Black & white copies are 15¢ per page.  Color copies are 50¢ per page.  Double-sided copying is available.
There is no charge to scan documents.  Scans can be emailed or saved to a USB drive/SD card.

Microform Reader
The library owns a machine that will read microfilm or microfiche, and it is attached to a printer.  It is housed in the quiet area of the library, near the large windows and periodicals.
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