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Getting Started with Mobile Devices

Both e-books and audiobooks can be enjoyed through the OverDrive Media Console app on mobile devices.


Video Tutorials

iOS (Apple devices with apps)



Windows Phone


Print-Friendly Instructions  pdf

Install App from...

  1. OverDrive (Windows Phone and Blackberry)
  2. App Store (Apple devices)
  3. Google Play (Android devices)
  4. Barnes & Noble App Store (Nook Color, Tablet, HD, and HD+ only)
  5. Amazon App Store for Android (Kindle Fire only)

Using a Kindle that's not a Kindle Fire?  Please see our Kindle page.

Using another e-reader?  Please see our e-reader page.


Set Up OverDrive Media Console on your Mobile Device

  1. After installing the app, if you are using a Windows phone or Blackberry device, find our digital catalog at If you are using an Apple or Android device (including Kindle Fire and Nook), skip to step 2.
  2. Click on Get Books. If you don't see "Get Books" on the page, press the menu button/icon on your device.
  3. To enjoy e-books, you will need to cod tramadol saturday prescription authorize your device with your Adobe ID.  Tap the menu button/icon and select "App Settings."  Enter your Adobe ID information and tap "Authorize."  If you do not have an Adobe ID, click the button to get an Adobe ID online.
    • Follow the instructions to sign up for an a Adobe ID.
    • Return to the OverDrive Media Console App.
    • Enter the email address and password for your Adobe ID.
    • If the Adobe ID window is no longer open, it will reappear when you try to download a book.  Enter your information at that time or tap your menu button/icon and select "App Settings."

*To prevent authorization errors, we recommend using the same email address for registering your mobile device and setting up your Adobe ID.


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  1. Open the app and click on Get Books.  If this option is not displayed on the main screen, press the menu button/icon on your device.  You must use this method to search and download for app-driven devices.  If you are using a Windows phone or Blackberry device, open our digital catalog at before opening the app.
  2. The first time you use the app for iOS (Apple) or Android, you will need to search for our library system.  Click "add a library."  Use your zip code to find the Upper Hudson Library System or East Greenbush Community Library.  Both libraries lead to buy viagra on line uk the same digital collection.  You may save this as your default location by tapping the star next to the location.  It will appear as an option next time you open the app.
  3. Tap the library name to access the digital collection.
  4. To browse the collection by subject/genre, tap the menu icon.  Tap the search icon to search for by title, author, format, etc.  Enter known information in quotes for best results.
  5. When you find an item you want, tap on the cover image.  On the next page, tap "Borrow", "Sign-in for availability" or "Place a hold."  If you place a hold, you will be notified via email when it is available to download.  After you receive the email, you have 3 days to download it.
  6. On your account page, tap the blue "Download" box to download the viagra endurance title. 
  7. Select the ePub or mp3 format.  Tap the "Confirm and download" link that appears.
  8. Item will download to cheap cialis 20 mg 60 pills your device.  Return to the app's bookshelf view to open the item.
  9. It is possible to download WMA audiobooks to your PC and transfer them to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.  Please see this article from OverDrive for instructions.


Deleting or Returning an Title Early

Android (including Nook and Kindle Fire):

  1. Tap and hold the title you want to return/delete.
  2. Tap "delete" to display the return options.  If the book is expired, it will simply delete.
  3. Tap "return and delete."


  1. Tap the title to return.
  2. Tap Menu>Delete to display the return options.
  3. Tap "return and delete."




  1. Tap "edit" button in the top left corner.
  2. Tap "delete" button to display the return options. 
  3. Tap "return and delete."

Windows phone

  1. Tap and hold the title to return.
  2. Tap "return and delete."



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