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How do I connect to the wireless network in the library?

Anyone with a wireless device is welcome to use our wireless network, provided they agree to both our Internet Policy (PDF) and our Wireless Network Access Policy (PDF). There is no time limit for wireless usage, but bandwidth may be restricted during peak hours. If you are using a PC or (Intel-based) Mac laptop, you can also print to the library's printer. To find out more, visit our homepage from your laptop within the library and select "Laptop Printing" from the left menu.

To connect, search for a wireless network named "EG Library" (or variant). Once connected, open your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). Instead of seeing your usual homepage, you will be redirected to our wireless portal. Click to agree to our Wireless Network Access Policy, and you will be forwarded to your homepage.

If you receive an error, try manually entering our website ( directly into the browser's address bar. When the library website loads, select the "download" image in the left menu. This will prompt the wireless server to redirect you to our portal where you can agree to our wireless network policy and gain access.